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Rhino Metro is the only Rhino shop in the DFW area that offers ALL of the Rhino products:
  • Original Rhino Linings bedliner (black)
  • "Grippy" surface to keep your contents from sliding around
  • Relatively softer surface (not abrasive like "brand-x")
  • Great for everyday truck bed usage
  • Can be done in color with UV Topcoat (exact match)
  • Most durable Rhino liner
  • Harder material than TuffGrip (but a bit less grippy)
  • Less likely to chip or tear under heavy use
  • Great for contractors and other heavy load users
  • SolarMax - Newest Rhino bedliner product
  • High-quality (aliphatic), non-fading material
  • Good for color, but color match is not exact (80% - 90%)
  • UV protection is all the way through the thickness
  • Available upon request
  • Harder than TuffGrip
  • Most people get Extreme instead of HardLine
There are two options to consider with any of our liners:
"Over the Rails"
  • If your truck does not come equipped with plastic bedrail covers, we can spray our product on top of the rails. Some customers even ask us to remove the plastic covers and replace them with Rhino. The Rhino over-the-rails option is priced at about half of the cost of the least expensive after-market plastic rail caovers.

"Heavy Duty"
  • Some customers ask us to "put in on really thick." For a few dollars more, we'll make your liner "heavy duty" thickness. We can show you samples of regular and heavy duty thickness when you come in.
Here's a bedliner maintenance product for you to consider:
  • If you're the kind of truck owner that likes to shine everything up once in a while, we also sell a product called "Rhino Shine." If after 6 or 12 or 18 months, your black bedliner has lost some of its orignal "luster," one bottle of Rhino Shine will get it looking new again.
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