1000 Post and Paddock Rd, Suite 400
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm, Sat 9:00am to 1:00pm

"Texas's Oldest Rhino Linings Operation - Top Quality Everyday "
About Us

Rhino Linings of the Metroplex (RLM) is a division of CustomCo, Ltd., a limited partnership organized in Texas.

The business was founded by Gary Burns and began operations in 1985 at the same 1000 Post & Paddock Road facility where it still operates today. At that time, the business was focused on a combination of custom auto painting services (under the name Burns Custom Design) and hand-painted pinstriping services (under the name Burns Pinstriping). The Burns businesses provided paint and pinstriping services for many years to both local consumers and many local automoile dealerships.

In 1991, Burns became aware of a new and popular service emerging in San Diego called Rhino Linings. Like many new trends that begin in California, it was just a matter of time before it moved east. Burns opened the first Texas Rhino Linings dealership within the same 1000 Post & Paddock Road facility that contained the paint/pinstripe businesses. In the following years, RLM continued its leadership role as Texas' oldest Rhino Linings dealership, installing more than 10,000 bed liners over the years. Since that time, other Rhino Linings dealerships opened in the DFW area (and in fact all around the world), and Rhino Linings remains the most popular spray-in bedliner product in the world.

Gary Burns left the business in 2003 and the new group of owners has continued the business since then under a new entity, CustomCo, Ltd. (CCL). The new CCL team is highly committed to growing the business and to offering a growing number of products and services to DFW-area consumers.

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